Danielle Freschet is a Bay Area native. She studied Enology (the chemistry of winemaking) and Wine Business at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. While in college, Danielle began to really understand the physical and emotional benefits of practicing a healthy lifestyle. After graduating, she pursued her life-long dream of making wine around the world, living in Italy, Australia, and Germany. Upon experiencing such passionate ways of life balanced between good food, love of family and friends, and a dedication to a nourished body and soul, Danielle’s spark was lit. In 2015, she ventured home and began working for a respected distributor selling wines. In search to find that healthy balance of mind and body, Danielle took her first RockSalt class and was instantly hooked. She knew she wanted to learn the ropes, helping transform others’ lives the same way RockSalt has transformed her.

Favorite RockSalt Move: Leg pullbacks