Classically trained in ballet, Kimberly was a member of the Ballet Tucson. She also enjoyed and participated in tap, contemporary and hip hop before becoming a NCAA Collegiate Cheerleader at the University of Arizona. She went on to become United States Cheerleading Association (USCA) lead instructor and taught cheerleading camps and competitions. She was also a member of the Reebok Dance Team. A lifelong exercise enthusiast, Kimberly has participated in numerous marathons, as well as years of kickboxing, Taekwondo, step aerobics, power sculpt and cycling. She also spent 20 years in sales and marketing. Kimberly discovered RockSalt through a friend and immediately knew it was the exercise routine she was searching for since it combined her passion for group exercise with incredible music, great choreography, and unique and challenging movements that were constantly changing. 

Favorite RockSalt Move: Pike to Plank