Owner & Master Pilates Instructor
lululemon Ambassador

Adrian Ramirez is the founder of RockSalt Pilates, a thoughtful, unique and revolutionary Pilates method. After an injury, Adrian found that in addition to healing, Pilates simultaneously improved his overall body and confirmed that fitness was his passion.

The powerful results of the practice led Adrian to leave his job at Disney Corporation and train under master Pilates instructor Ivon Dahl to obtain his certification. Countless hours of training and study propelled Adrian to become one of the most sought after instructors in Hollywood. It was then he began crafting his personalized style of Pilates that would later become RockSalt.

To be closer to family, Adrian moved to the Bay Area in 2012 and opened his own studio in San Carlos, Adrian Ramirez Pilates. Quickly building a following in the area, he opened a larger studio in San Carlos and a second studio in San Mateo under the name RockSalt. His tailored, advanced and innovative version of Pilates is fueled by music, personalized attention, creative routines and the energy from his team of Rockstars and clients; helping people achieve fitness goals they never thought possible while making them a better version of themselves is what RockSalt is all about.

Favorite RockSalt Move: Anything with straps that targets abs and arms